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You Can’t Stop Thinking About This Bike!

Oh yeah, and buying it from a manufacturer means I can save you tons of money!

The “Created To Be Noticed” ebike Brand Ambassador Program has been authorized to purchase a limited number of bikes directly from the manufacturer for a limited amount of time.




This is a “nonrefundable” digital download

  1. This download gives the purchasers IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO PRIVILEGE INFORMATION and commercial pricing that the manufacturer will extend to you on our behalf.

  2. The purchaser is able to order “ Up to 3 bikes at time of purchase.

  3. Along with your order number, you'll also receive a code

  4. This download will includes a code that saves you between $1350-$1850 discount [PER BIKE] even after delivery. (The saving varies depending on the brand you compare it to) Popular Brand like, Super 73, Edison, Ariel Rider, Juiced Bike …… The savings are FANTASTIC!

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