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Our Products:

How & Why

Why choose the products we use


Top Grain Leather because it’s healthier for our customers and the environment.


Leather that is too shiny can be a bad choice. Choosing leather that is not shiny and looks worn is best and more likely to be real leather. The patina leather gathers over time gives it a worn and classy look you can only achieve with properly tanned animal hides. 


A soft sheen that develops through use and exposure on the surface of the material which provides a character, a personality, to the product. ... As our leather is tanned naturally, without using chemicals to seal the material, it ages beautifully over time with wear and use.


“Metallic Leather is a type of leather that has had a metal layer of material added to it during the finishing process. This layer creates a metallic, shiny, reflective look to the finished leather. It provides an artificial finishing option that is most often used in clothing, accessories, and handbags”.

Good Oils like​​

  • cleaner & conditioner

  • essential lemon oil,

  • leather honey oil,

  • coconut oil,

  • and virgin olive oil are some of the available options for your leather bag



Canvas Sling/Backpack

This bag is lightweight and ready for any occasion as it conveniently transforms with the ease of a zipper to change your style or match your outfit of the day.

  • Water repellent canvas.

  • Multiple exterior pockets for organization.

  • High density 16oz canvas.

  • Top grain leather trim.

  • Lined with our durable custom made fabric, its bright colour makes finding what you need easy.

  • Double anti-rust coating hardware.

  • Easily adjustable shoulder straps.

  • Lightweight 0.65 kg ( 1.43 lbs.)

  • Easy to reach front & back pockets for your phone or frequent use items.

  • Multi-function – Backpack, Sling Bag, Chest Bag.

  • Dimensions: W(9 inch) X (16 inch) X (7 inch)



Road to sustainability for "Created To Be Noticed"

Pre-selling is a great way to reduce waste and increase sustainability in our  business.

Pre-selling involves manufacturing a quantity of products that is close to what the demand is for a particular product, based on pre-orders or sales. This way, we can eliminate wasted energy, materials, unsold products, and labor. Even though the per unit cost may be slightly higher, we’ll save in the long run by paying less taxes on unsold goods.

One of the benefits of pre-selling is that we can produce a variety of products in small quantities and move on to the next. This approach is particularly helpful for businesses that offer limited edition or collectible items. For example, "Created To Be Noticed" bags or other products could become valuable collector's items in the future.

To implement this sustainable business plan, we will start by identifying our most popular products and offering them for pre-sale. We will use social media and email marketing to promote the pre-sale and encourage our customers to order in advance. Once you have a clear idea of the demand, we’ll manufacture the quantity that we need (plus a few extra), reducing the amount of waste and overstocked products.

In addition to pre-selling, we will slowly transition to using a higher level of  eco-friendly materials and packaging, reducing our energy consumption, and recycling and composting waste. By incorporating sustainable practices into our business, we can not only reduce your environmental impact but also appeal to eco-conscious consumers who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions.


Overall, pre-selling is a sustainable strategy that can help us reduce waste, save money, and create a more efficient business model for "Created To Be Noticed".

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